Local, Conflict and Co-Counsel

Keating Wagner Polidori Free’s attorneys have decades of experience in all stages of litigation and we frequently use our expertise in preparing and litigating cases with other attorneys. Our work includes serving as co-counsel, local counsel, and conflict counsel in a full range of litigations, and we excel at lending our skills to attorneys who need additional resources.


Given the changing litigation landscape of the last decade, where cases frequently settle early in the process, very few attorneys expect their legal disputes to make it through the entire litigation process, yet our attorneys frequently partner with other attorneys and firms in handling escalating legal disputes. Our experience includes serving as co-counsel from the inception of a case where we can lend our experience, knowledge and resources to develop and shape the case at each stage. We also partner with attorneys on limited or specific aspects of a case, for example serving as lead trial counsel. Regardless of the scope of our partnership, our goal is to work collaboratively with other attorneys to enhance the strength of their cases.

Our goal in co-counsel relationships is to lend our trial expertise to those who are facing a new or growing challenge — our focus is on the case at hand and ensuring your clients get the results they deserve.

Local Counsel

Keating Wagner Polidori Free’s attorneys have been practicing in Colorado’s state and federal courts for decades, and our experience with local rules, judges and opposing counsel can be an invaluable asset for out-of-state attorneys who are litigating in our home state.

Our connections with the region’s legal and business communities can add significant value to all types of litigation, and as one of the most successful plaintiffs’ focused law firms in the area, out-of-state counsel can have confidence that its local presence has a well-earned reputation both in and outside of the courtroom.

Our role as local counsel can include providing insights into local issues and opposing counsel but primarily includes serving as lead or co-lead counsel. Regardless of how we partner with out-of-state counsel, our aim is always to provide the highest quality service and legal advice.

Conflict Counsel

Legal ethical rules regarding legal representation sometimes prevent attorneys from being able to represent clients on particular matters. In those instances, attorneys are still seeking competent and capable counsel to handle their clients’ cases, and Keating Wagner’s attorneys are a valued resource for other business attorneys in town who are unable to represent a client from time to time. In their role as conflict counsel, our attorneys serve as independent litigation counsel on a full range of business litigation cases.

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