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Products Liability

Our team is focused on helping our clients use the judicial system, and our work includes holding manufacturers and others accountable for injuries caused by the products they make. … [more]


Serious Personal Injury

Success demands that a case stand out from the pack. Run-of-the-mill case preparation guarantees run-of-the-mill results. We use state of the art technology to develop compelling … [more]

Worker’s Compensation

Injuries can be devastating for workers and their families – sometimes ending a job or a career. Current Colorado Workers’ Compensation law is often difficult to understand … [more]

Latest News

Types of damages

Posted on April 12, 16

Learn more about the civil trial process including what damages are and what types of damages may be awarded in various types of litigation.

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What is a verdict form?

Posted on April 06, 16

Verdict forms in some cases may simply ask which party proved its case and if damages are sought, how much the jury would award in damages. In other cases, the instructions will ask step-by-step...

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