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Serious Personal Injury

spi1 Serious Personal Injury
Success demands that a case stand out from the pack. Run-of-the-mill case preparation guarantees run-of-the-mill results. We use state of the art technology to develop compelling … [more]

Worker’s Compensation

wc1 Workers Compensation
Injuries can be devastating for workers and their families – sometimes ending a job or a career. Current Colorado Workers’ Compensation law is often difficult to understand … [more]

Social Security Disability

ssd1 Social Security Disability
In a perfect world, disabled workers would find receiving disability benefits automatic as paying taxes. It is not a perfect world … [more]

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Should freelancers get workers’ comp insurance?

Posted on November 19, 14

In the wake of the turbulent economy of the past few years, many people have begun to offer their services as freelancers instead of gaining full-time employment. The rise of the freelance economy raises...

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Grilling safety tips

Posted on November 12, 14

Colorado is one of the few states where it’s often warm enough year round to use an outdoor grill. Whether you’ve invited guests over for a summer barbecue or you’re just throwing some steaks...

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