Workers’ Compensation

Work-related injuries are often devastating for workers and their families. They can end jobs. They can end careers and even relatively “minor” injuries can be disruptive. Colorado Workers’ Compensation law is complex, ever-changing and riddled with procedural hurdles that can make it hard for workers to obtain the benefits they deserve. Finding good advice is critical, and we believe that injured workers deserve representation from attorneys who only practice workers’ compensation law.

Our attorneys have represented injured workers for more than forty years — our reputation has been earned from helping thousands of injured workers secure the benefits and help they need in negotiations and trials. We work with some of the state’s largest unions, and we have specialized in representing first responders for decades.

There is no charge for talking with one of our firm’s experts about your worker’s case. At times, we can resolve a stubborn issue without the need of a fee agreement, and when representation is necessary, we accept work on a contingency basis, earning our fee only when the client’s needs have been met.

Read more in our Handbook on Colorado’s Workers’ Compensation.