The 29th annual DU Law Stars event was held at the Sturm Grand Pavilion at the Denver Art Museum on Friday, November 10, 2023. The night began with a VIP reception at 5 p.m., followed by a general reception and the awards ceremony at 6 p.m. Aaron Goldhamer, Mike Keating, Deirdre Ostrowski, Larry Free, and […]

Best Law Firms - Keating Wagner 2024

Keating Wagner Polidori Free is proud to announce its recognition in the 2024 edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers® list of “Best Law Firms,” which recognizes the top law firms nationwide. The firm is no stranger to this recognition, having received it multiple times in previous years. Keating Wagner Polidori Free’s 2024 Best Law Firms Recognitions U.S. News […]

Doctor helping injured worker at construction site

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Waiting Period refers to the initial period of time that an injured worker must be unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness before they become eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Understanding this waiting period is crucial for workers in Colorado who have suffered work-related injuries and their […]


Trade secrets are valuable pieces of confidential information that give a business a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These secrets can encompass a wide range of proprietary information, such as manufacturing processes, customer lists, marketing strategies, formulas, or technical know-how. Essentially, a trade secret is any information that is not generally known to the public, […]


In an insurance bad faith case, the policyholder alleges that their insurance company has acted unfairly or in bad faith in handling their insurance claim. Such cases can be complex, and to succeed the policyholder must prove specific elements to establish that the insurer acted in bad faith. Here are the key elements that must […]

Keating Wagner attorney Aaron Goldhamer, on behalf of his client Powderhorn Land, LLC, filed suit on August 24, 2023, seeking a receivership over a planned fifty-two-unit development in Evergreen. BusinessDen, in two separate news items,* covered the lawsuit, which also asserts a breach of contract claim. Brian Roberts, an accomplished real estate developer and owner […]

A breach of contract case occurs when one party involved in a legally binding agreement fails to fulfill their obligations as outlined in the contract. Contracts serve as vital instruments for ensuring the smooth functioning of business transactions, as they establish the terms and conditions that each party must adhere to. When a breach occurs, […]

When a trustee mismanages a trust and jeopardizes its assets through imprudent or even fraudulent investments, it is a matter of utmost concern that demands careful consideration and decisive action. A trust, established to safeguard assets for the benefit of beneficiaries, relies on the fiduciary duty of the trustee to act in their best interests. […]

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The U.S. News – Best Lawyers® “Best Lawyers” publication, the oldest peer-review publication in the legal profession, has recognized all eight current Keating Wagner Polidori Free attorneys in its 2024 edition. First published in 1983, Best Lawyers is based solely on an annual peer review and voting. Keating Wagner Polidori Free Attorneys Recognized The Best […]

Keating Wagner Colorado Personal injury damage caps

Damage caps, sometimes called “damage limits,” are the legal restrictions placed on the amount of compensation or damages that can be awarded to a plaintiff (person filing the lawsuit, usually the injured party) in a civil suit, particularly in cases of personal injury. If you were recently injured due to the negligent actions of another […]

Life can take unexpected turns, and sometimes, those twists lead to catastrophic injuries that forever change our course. Recovering from such injuries can be an arduous and daunting process, testing both physical strength and emotional resilience. Among the numerous causes of catastrophic injuries, car crashes stand out as a leading culprit. In this blog, we […]


Law enforcement officers face inherent risks and dangers while serving and protecting their communities. Unfortunately, the job routinely puts them in harm’s way: they can sustain injuries while carrying out their duties. In Colorado, police officer injuries are common, and it’s essential to understand what to know and do if you or someone you know […]