$39.5 Million — Personal Injury

The Case: In 2007, the firm represented Andrew Blood, an Xcel Energy employee who was severely paralyzed in 2004 while at work for the telecommunications company. Blood fell 25 feet after the utility poll he had been working on broke. The fall paralyzed Blood and left him unable to work, and Blood’s wife had to […]

$3.8 Million – Wrongful Death Suit

The Case: The O’Melia family, including the parents of 12-year-old Drennan O’Melia, sued Southglenn Country Club over Drennan’s death at the facility’s pool. At trial, shareholders Mike Keating and Deirdre Ostrowski were able to show that due to the lifeguards’ lack of training and the lack of attention to safety by the Country Club and […]

The Case: Timothy Beene, a firefighter, had his legs crushed and broken when a Ford Expedition seemingly placed in ‘park’ rolled downhill and pinned the unsuspecting 50-year-old between the Expedition and his own truck. Timothy was changing out of his fire gear and sitting on his tailgate. Permanently impaired and disfigured, Timothy had completed 7 […]

$3.2 Million – Wrongful Death Suit

The Case: The case centered around a 2012 accident that killed a father as his daughter was driving at highway speeds on I-70 near Limon, Colorado, when their vehicle suffered a tire tread separation on a rear tire. The family was driving a 2000 Ford Ranger pickup with two recently purchased tires on the front […]

$900,000 – Insurance Dispute

The Case: Our client was injured in a horrific head-on crash that involved 4 people in two cars, including a drunk driver who was subsequently imprisoned. American Family Insurance refused to reach a settlement within the minimum limits on the grounds that one of the occupants, who never sought medical treatment but was negotiating a […]

$500,000 – Premises Liability

The Case: Keating Wagner’s client was injured while touring an apartment when he fell into a crawlspace that had been dug out by one of the defendants. His injuries shattered his ankle and necessitated two orthopedic surgeries. At trial, Mike Keating and Melissa Hailey were able to show that due to the defendants’ had a […]