Christina Habas Receives Award from National Trial Organization

The National Institute of Trial Advocacy announced this week that Christina Habas will receive one of its prestigious annual awards. Habas, who has taught trial advocacy skills for more than two decades, is receiving the organization’s annual Robert Keeton Award for Outstanding Service as a NITA Faculty Member.

Habas’ nominators gave broad acclaim to her consistent excellence. According to a press release, she is recognized as a gifted teacher, possessing an uncanny ability to connect with students, contagious energy and enthusiasm in her program work. She also receives consistently high ratings from program participants. In her teaching, Habas emphasizes civility among attorneys and toward jurors, and strives to make lawyers more efficient and effective. In her own performances of NITA demonstrations, she personally exhibits good tone, demeanor, precision and brevity.

“What really sets her apart,” a nomination said, is how much she cares about our profession. “She understands that being a lawyer is a privilege, and that we have a responsibility to give back.” Habas exemplifies what drives our NITA faculty everywhere — the gift of substantial talents and fire to improve the profession.