The 3 Biggest Pitfalls in Personal Injury Settlements


The vast majority of personal injury cases settle outside of court. However, settling a case isn’t always straightforward. There are key strategies for maximizing your personal injury settlement so that you get the full and fair compensation you deserve. There are also common pitfalls you must avoid, which could negatively affect your claim.

Pitfall #1: Failing to Get a Lawyer’s Help

The first common personal injury settlement pitfall is thinking you have to handle matters alone. This is simply not true. Insurance companies have nearly unlimited resources and proven strategies for convincing you to settle for less. If you are unrepresented, you are much more likely to receive a lower settlement amount. You need an advocate on your side.

Many people avoid talking with attorneys because they worry about the cost. However, lawyers generally handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee, which means that representation is at no cost to you unless you recover compensation. The lawyer handles your case for you and, in exchange, takes a percentage of the amount you recover.

Pitfall #2: Settling Too Quickly

Your insurance company may make an offer very quickly following a collision. Their goal is to get you to settle for a lesser amount. Once you accept that settlement offer, you are bound to it—even if you later realize that your injury is impacting your life more than anticipated.

It’s a good idea to wait until you have a full understanding of the nature and scope of your injuries before negotiating a settlement. Make sure that you have received the full medical care you need and understand the medical care you may need in the future. Your personal injury lawyer in Denver will further advise you about the best way to proceed, which may include waiting for bones to heal or for a valuable second opinion from an expert.

Pitfall #3: Sharing Too Much on Social Media

Insurance companies use any tactics they can to reduce their settlement costs. In looking to disprove claims, they sometimes resort to reviewing your social media accounts or even hiring private investigators to assess the validity of your injury.

If you post too much about an active lifestyle on social media, you could be jeopardizing a settlement agreement—even if what you’re posting isn’t an accurate representation of the pain you’re experiencing.

We understand that social media is a polished version of a person’s image and that reality is often different. But it’s a good idea to consider how an insurance company would view your post before you act.

Contact a Lawyer About Your Personal Injury Settlement

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