Local News Features Client’s Story on Tire Safety

A Denver-area Fox News station recently aired a story featuring one of Keating Wagner’s clients that urges consumers to verify the age of their tires on a regular basis. The story, which can be found here, features the tragic story of the Hubner family, which was devastated by the death of its patriarch in 2012 when a pickup truck he was riding in rolled three times, throwing him from the vehicle. Investigators were ultimately able to determine that two tires on the truck had ripped apart, causing the accident. When that news reached the family, they were appalled to learn that the failed tires were more than 14 years old and were no longer safe to drive on — a fact the tire shop that had inspected the tires just days before the accident had failed to disclose.

In the aftermath of their loss, the family worked with Keating Wagner Polidori Free to file a wrongful death complaint against the tire dealer who inspected the truck, but they have also worked to spread the word on this important safety news.

To learn more about tire safety, watch Fox31’s story