Keating Wagner Client in the News

Aaron Goldhamer was quoted in a recent Denver Post article about a pending case against the City of Denver. Goldhamer has been working since last year on behalf of former Colorado Attorney General J.D. MacFarlane, who is suing the City over its proposed plan to change City Park Golf Course in order to create a storm water detention facility. Last week, Goldhamer moved to add Denver city councilman Rafael Espinoza as a plaintiff to the suit. The plaintiffs in the suit allege that the City is unlawfully trying to convert the area to a non-park use.

“Our practice at Keating Wagner often focuses on high-profile and high-stakes situations where someone has been harmed by a person in a position of trust. This case is no different as it presents a scenario where public resources are being misused in contravention of law. Our work as plaintiff-focused trial lawyers means we are dedicated helping people who are facing powerful defendants with deep resources, even when the defendant is the City,” Aaron said.

The case builds on the firm’s longstanding commitment to handling high-profile cases against powerful interests. Goldhamer is prepared to take the case to trial. Read more about the case here: