Keating Wagner Attorneys Donate to Legal Aid

Keating Wagner Polidori Free’s associate attorneys banded together last month to raise money for Legal Aid Foundation of Colorado. The associates, who were led by Aaron Goldhamer, had 100% participation in a fundraiser that raises money for the nonprofit, which is aimed at increasing access to justice by providing free civil legal services to low income Coloradans.

Golhamer, who serves on the organization’s Associate Advisory Board, worked with other Keating Wagner associates Melissa Hailey, Lidiana Rios, Melissa Sullivan and Zach Warzel to raise money for the campaign.  Keating Wagner was one of a almost three dozen firms in the area to have full participation among its associate attorneys, and the firm was recognized with its peers at a recent luncheon. The fundraising campaign brought in more than $160,000 in one month, and more than 87% of area associate attorneys donated money.

Keating Wagner is proud to support Legal Aid Foundation in its efforts to provide equal access to justice to all Coloradans.