Keating Wagner Once Again Partners with ThunderRidge High School (TRHS) for Grizzly Gives Week 2023

Grizzly Gives 2023 (1)

Keating Wagner once again proudly announces our sponsorship of ThunderRidge High School’s (TRHS) Grizzly Gives Week. Located in Highland Ranch, CO, this Douglas County high school raised over $55k for Caruso Family Charities during their annual charity fundraising event.

Grizzly Gives Week 2023

Many Douglas County high schools run annual fundraisers for a charity, enlisting the help of the community and their feeder elementary and middle schools. They choose a charity or family in need to support through their week-long fundraising efforts. Funds are raised through various efforts, such as t-shirt sales, donations from local businesses, and fundraising nights at local restaurants.

TRHS is home to the Grizzly’s, aptly naming their fundraising week “Grizzly Gives Week.” Since 2021, all the monies raised during this week have gone to Caruso Family Charities. This year, the funds raised by TRHS during Grizzly Gives Week 2023 are going to help two families. One family has a son with chronic granulomatous disease, and another has a daughter with sickle cell disease. The funds were presented to Caruso Family Charities at a TRHS assembly on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

Caruso Family Charities is a 501(c)(3) organization providing financial assistance to Colorado families with a child, adolescent, or young adult undergoing medical treatment for a life-threatening disease or life-altering event. Their mission is to remove some financial burdens, allowing families to focus on caring for their sick child. Unlike other types of assistance, Caruso Family Charities doesn’t require long processing times. They know that some families need help now and can provide immediate financial support to those in need. The receiving families can use the funds to pay for basic necessities like rent, utilities, or transportation. With over $3M in donations since 2006, Caruso Family Charities has helped 1,200 families in need.

Why Grizzly Gives Week?

In addition to our many other charitable endeavors throughout the year, we are proud to sponsor an event that not only raises money for families in need but also helps support the charitable work of the family of one of our attorneys.

Before becoming a successful attorney, Keating Wagner partner Melissa Sullivan taught math in both middle and high schools. Her husband, Thomas Sullivan, currently works as a math and computer science teacher at TRHS. He also is the faculty sponsor for TRHS Student Government which organizes Grizzly Gives week each year. Melissa’s oldest son is a junior at TRHS and also a member of the Student Government.

Keating Wagner: A Grizzly Gives Week Four-Year Sponsor

Keating Wagner was also a Grizzly Gives Week sponsor in 2018, 2020, and 2022 (TRHS didn’t take sponsorships in 2021 due to COVID-19). We are proud of TRHS for another successful Grizzly Gives Week and encourage all students to keep making a difference in their local communities throughout the year. If you want to get involved or sponsor a future event, contact Thomas Sullivan or ThunderRidge High School at 303-387-2000.