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Every sex abuse lawsuit is highly personal. For some people, it’s a completely private matter. For others, it’s a time to tell their stories—to have the world hear and believe them, and to hold wrongdoers accountable for the pain they’ve caused. If you’re considering taking legal action after experiencing sexual abuse, you may be wondering […]

Many survivors of sexual abuse are hesitant to come forward to assert their legal rights. This hesitancy is completely understandable. The legal process can be invasive, with details of a person’s private life being examined and argued over. When the perpetrator is a priest or other official in the Catholic church, the survivor can feel […]

Often, survivors of sexual abuse by clergy don’t know what steps to take. This is common, as this traumatic situation can be debilitating. By the time they’re ready to report the abuse, they may hesitate due to fear of what may happen, their state’s statute of limitations, or not knowing their options. If you or […]

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Holding sexual abusers accountable for their conduct is not easy for most survivors. Child sexual abuse survivors face a difficult road in dealing with the trauma and in getting some measure of justice from the perpetrator. A new Colorado law has opened a window to help survivors file civil claims of sexual assault.  Child Sexual […]


Survivors of clergy sex abuse have several different options to get the justice they deserve. If you’re a survivor, our Denver law firm may be able to help you build a civil case against your abuser. While thorough trial preparation is necessary, most of these cases settle out of court. We work to get survivors […]


When survivors of Catholic Church sex abuse come forward, they do more than hold the church accountable for the harm caused—they protect others from having to go through the same experiences in the future.  If you are thinking about coming forward, you should know that the lawyers at Keating Wagner Polidori Free support you. At […]

When it comes to sexual abuse cases, Colorado is one of the most survivor-friendly states in the country. This means that survivors of sexual abuse can receive a great deal of support from the legal system. Many older survivors of sexual abuse have not come forward with legal claims because the statute of limitations lapsed […]