What Is the Average Time to Settle a Colorado Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Every personal injury case is different, so it isn’t easy to estimate how long it will take to settle. However, most cases settle within several months to a few years.

The severity of an injury plays a large role in how long a personal injury case takes to resolve. If you have suffered from minor injuries, your claim is more likely to be resolved within a year. However, if you have suffered from more severe injuries, your case will likely take longer to settle.

Someone with more complicated injuries may take years to settle. If you have been injured, it is always good to contact a personal injury lawyer in Colorado as soon as possible for help.

Factors That Influence the Time It Takes to Settle a Case

Many factors can influence the rate at which your case settles. For example, the insurance company may stall to see how long they can get away with not offering a settlement.

In Colorado, a two-year statute of limitations applies to non-auto accident claims.

The Colorado personal injury statute of limitations is two years, except those arising from car accidents. This includes cases driven by the liability principle of “negligence” and the “tort” of “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

According to Colorado Civil Practice, the standard two years begins to run when a plaintiff knows or reasonably should have known that someone’s negligence might have caused an injury or condition. The victim usually knows “there’s something wrong, but not exactly what has happened.”

Injuries suffered in a car accident have a three-year statute of limitations.

The following factors can affect the length of the process:

-The severity of the injury

Accident victims may not realize that the severity of their injury impacts the length of time it takes to settle an insurance claim. When you’re injured, your body needs time and attention for healing to take place. You need time to receive medical treatment for your injuries, which may include surgery and lengthy rehabilitative care. Until the full extent of your injuries and medical treatment is understood, as well as any future medical treatment you may need over your lifetime, you are not in an ideal position to settle your claim. You do not want to settle before you understand the full scope of your injuries and the impact your injuries will have on your future.

– Medical bills settlement

All medical bills must be submitted as evidence for any settlement to move forward. This means that if an accident victim has a lot of medical bills that have not been processed and paid, it will take a longer time for the insurance claim to move forward.

– Large money in lost wages

If you’re not able to work because of your injuries, you will be compensated for the time off. If this represents a considerable loss of income for you, it may take longer for the claim to proceed. The insurance company will need employment records and medical opinions to support your wage loss claim

-The type of injury

As with any personal injury claim, the greater the physical damage to the victim, the more complicated the claim will be to assess, which means it will take longer for the insurance company to decide how to value your losses.

– The insurance company’s decision

Insurance companies choose whether to pay the requested amount, and they can also accept or reject your settlement. Some providers respond faster than others to claims. If you are not comfortable negotiating with the insurance company, your attorney can do it for you.

An insurance claim is often a complicated process that requires careful analysis of all the factors involved. If you are injured in an accident, it’s best to take the time necessary to settle your claim properly.

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