Property insurance is vitally important for homeowners and business owners in Colorado. Having the appropriate coverage ensures that you are financially protected in the event that your major investment is damaged or destroyed. However, many policyholders incorrectly assume that their property insurance covers every possible kind of damage or loss. In fact, most policies have […]


In an insurance bad faith case, the policyholder alleges that their insurance company has acted unfairly or in bad faith in handling their insurance claim. Such cases can be complex, and to succeed the policyholder must prove specific elements to establish that the insurer acted in bad faith. Here are the key elements that must […]


If you find yourself filing an insurance claim in the state of Colorado, it’s important to understand your rights and protections under the Colorado Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA). The UCSPA is a set of laws designed to regulate the behavior of insurance companies and ensure fair and ethical treatment of policyholders during the […]


For many Colorado residents, the Marshall Fire has been devastating. Over 1,000 homes and 30 commercial structures were damaged or destroyed, and many people were displaced. For those impacted by the Marshall Fire, Boulder County is no longer taking applications for financial assistance. This leaves many at the mercy of their insurance providers, which has […]


Insurance companies are looking to increase profits and minimize the amount they pay out on insurance claims. Sometimes, their actions are less than reasonable business decisions. Insurers can cross the line into bad faith conduct that violates Colorado law. When they do, it is critical to hold them accountable by retaining a bad faith insurance […]

bad faith home insurance policy

There are many reasons why homeowners file insurance claims. Sometimes a home is damaged by inclement weather, like hail or high winds. An accident can lead to water damage or the destruction of property. Theft can occur, despite the homeowner’s best efforts to keep the property safe and secure.  Homeowners want to protect their homes, […]

Uninsured/underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist insurance protects you if you are hit by a driver who is not carrying enough insurance. There are several ways this could happen. Sometimes drivers are involved with a hit-and-run driver who flees the scene after a crash. Other times, the other driver’s insurance has lapsed, or they’re carrying insurance coverage that […]