The brain is astonishingly complex. Given that we all have one, it’s remarkable how little we understand about the power and operation of our brains. Brain injuries can carry lasting, unpredictable consequences. While any brain injury is a serious matter, catastrophic brain injuries are the most severe. Traumatic vs. Catastrophic Brain Injuries Traumatic brain injuries […]

On August 31, 2022, pursuant to Colorado Senate Bill 22-034, the first Fraudulent Business Filings Working Group—convened by the Colorado Secretary of State—met. Keating Wagner business litigation attorney Aaron Goldhamer was in attendance. The Colorado Secretary of State maintains a variety of records for Colorado and out-of-state businesses doing business in Colorado. While there is […]

Fraudulent Transfer colorado

When businesses and individuals face substantial liability, they sometimes go to great lengths to avoid paying. Even if a claim has not been reduced to a judgment, acts to avoid collection can violate the laws of fraudulent transfer. When this happens and you are owed money, you need an attorney to help find concealed assets […]

Keating Wagner Polidori Free is proud to announce that all eight of our current attorneys and our retired attorney have been recognized by The Best Lawyers® in America (2023 Edition). Recognition in the Best Lawyers publication is a distinctive honor bestowed on only the top six percent of private practice attorneys in the U.S. Only […]

bad faith home insurance policy

There are many reasons why homeowners file insurance claims. Sometimes a home is damaged by inclement weather, like hail or high winds. An accident can lead to water damage or the destruction of property. Theft can occur, despite the homeowner’s best efforts to keep the property safe and secure.  Homeowners want to protect their homes, […]

Colorado breach of contract business lawyer

Contracts form the core of most business relationships in Colorado. Whether the contract covers goods, services, rent, employment or virtually any other facet of business, the parties to the agreement are expected to hold up their end of the bargain. When a party fails to perform their contractual obligations, a breach of contract lawsuit may […]

brain injury after car accident Colorado

According to the most recent data reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were 223,135 hospitalizations related to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in 2019. There were 64,362 TBI-related deaths in 2020. Car crashes are one of the leading causes of brain injuries.   Common Types of Brain Injuries in Car Crashes  Not all […]

employee-dishonesty-lawyer- Colorado

A challenging aspect of employee dishonesty, disloyalty, and embezzlement is that it often occurs at the hands of some of the most trusted personnel. When business leaders empower their employees to access vital information, execute critical business processes, or manage large financial transactions, their trust can be abused. This betrayal can lead to significant financial […]

KW Craig Spark Impact Celebration

At Keating Wagner Polidori Free, philanthropy has always been a part of our mission, and we firmly believe in giving back to our community. One of the ways we do this is by partnering with Craig Hospital, a renowned local medical facility that provides world-class care to many of our clients suffering from brain and […]

There are many lawyers who handle personal injury litigation in Colorado. So, how do you find the right attorney for your case?  Trying to find the best personal injury attorney in Denver, Colorado is vital for protecting your legal rights.  To get started, have a candid conversation with the lawyer or lawyers you are considering […]


At our Denver law firm, we often hear the same question from small business owners and leaders: What is a typical timeline for small business litigation? Unfortunately, there is no typical timeline for small business lawsuits. Relatively simple matters may be resolved with a well-drafted letter from an attorney. Sometimes, you can resolve the issue […]


If you’re running a business, you might have one or more business partners. While partnerships can be incredibly successful, they can also lead to disagreements. If you’re facing a partnership dispute, it’s essential to understand the relevant laws and how to best deal with your stubborn business partner. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the […]

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