Property insurance is vitally important for homeowners and business owners in Colorado. Having the appropriate coverage ensures that you are financially protected in the event that your major investment is damaged or destroyed. However, many policyholders incorrectly assume that their property insurance covers every possible kind of damage or loss. In fact, most policies have […]

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Keating Wagner Polidori Free proudly announces its sponsorship of Douglas County’s ThunderRidge High School (TRHS) for Grizzly Gives Week for the 5th time in 2024. Far surpassing their 2023 donations, the school raised over $67,000 for Caruso Family Charities this year. Great job, TRHS community, students, staff, and donors! Why Keating Wagner Supports Grizzly Gives […]


Disputes among a company’s shareholders will inevitably require a close review of the company’s governance documents. The shareholder’s agreement in a corporation plays a central role in most ownership disputes. This agreement may be known as an operating agreement if you have a limited liability company or “LLC.” In this article, our Colorado business litigation […]

Keating Wagner Polidori Free, a well-known Denver area law firm, is proud to announce all of its attorneys achieved Super Lawyer recognition for 2024. This year’s list also includes five Keating Wagner attorneys named to multiple “Top Lists.” All Keating Wagner Polidori Free Attorneys Recognized in the 2024 Edition of Super Lawyers All Keating Wagner […]

Injury Law - allows an injured person to file a case in CO

There are a few things you need to successfully prove a Colorado personal injury claim. The person filing the lawsuit (the plaintiff) has the responsibility to prove that the other party (the defendant) was negligent. This responsibility is called the “burden of proof.” In personal injury cases, the burden of proof required is “a preponderance […]

Keating wagner personal injury claim damages Colorado

It is impossible to tell how much compensation you may recover in a personal injury claim without a detailed review of the unique facts of a case. The truth is that even cases with facts that sound very similar can yield very different outcomes. The best way to learn what damages you could get from […]

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Keating Wagner Polidori Free is excited to announce that Attorney Aaron Goldhamer has been promoted to partner at the firm. His client-centric representation both in and out of the courtroom, as well as his creative problem-solving and pro bono work, make this distinguished honor well-deserved. About Aaron Goldhamer Aaron Goldhamer joined Keating Wagner as an […]


At Keating Wagner, our firm’s roots date back more than three decades in Colorado. We feel strongly about working to enrich the communities in which our employees and clients work and live. Throughout the year, we support many different civic efforts, including those supporting the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Camps Program. This year, we were […]


The 29th annual DU Law Stars event was held at the Sturm Grand Pavilion at the Denver Art Museum on Friday, November 10, 2023. The night began with a VIP reception at 5 p.m., followed by a general reception and the awards ceremony at 6 p.m. Aaron Goldhamer, Mike Keating, Deirdre Ostrowski, Larry Free, and […]

Best Law Firms - Keating Wagner 2024

Keating Wagner Polidori Free is proud to announce its recognition in the 2024 edition of U.S. News – Best Lawyers® list of “Best Law Firms,” which recognizes the top law firms nationwide. The firm is no stranger to this recognition, having received it multiple times in previous years. Keating Wagner Polidori Free’s 2024 Best Law Firms Recognitions U.S. News […]

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The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Waiting Period refers to the initial period of time that an injured worker must be unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness before they become eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Understanding this waiting period is crucial for workers in Colorado who have suffered work-related injuries and their […]


Trade secrets are valuable pieces of confidential information that give a business a competitive advantage in the marketplace. These secrets can encompass a wide range of proprietary information, such as manufacturing processes, customer lists, marketing strategies, formulas, or technical know-how. Essentially, a trade secret is any information that is not generally known to the public, […]